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Just Say NO To The RIAA
Welcome Boycotters!

The record labels listed on this page are not members of the RIAA. Although I have cross referenced each of the labels listed here with the RIAA member list found at I may from time to time inadvertently list an RIAA label. For instance, I had intended to list One Way Records and Rik Emmett's Open House Records here, but discovered that even though they are not listed on the RIAA's member list, they are affiliated with Universal and EMI respectively.

Looks to be quite a good label shaping up here. Currently, Artemis has Nashville Pussy, Flipp, Peter Wolf & Warren Zevon signed. Also recently signed Boston. I'm expecting a lot of great music from this label.
The 2nd of my 3 favorites on the list. Excellent Prog label, featuring the Dream Theater side project Liquid Tension Experiment
The 3rd and last of my favorites on the list. The roster of bands signed to this label is simply amazing, provided you're an old school headbanger like me. Alice Cooper, Danzig, Dio, Steve Howe, Ted Nugent, Testament, Twisted Sister, Union & Yngwie Malmsteen all call Spitfire home! Spitfire has also re-issued some older albums by the likes of Deep Purple and Krokus. Quite frankly, I'll cry like a baby if I ever find out Spitfire is associated with the RIAA with the lineup they have!
A small list for now, but it's a start. If you want to leave any comments about this page or submit your own Non-RIAA labels that aren't listed here yet you can email me at I'll apologize in advance if any messages bounce back, my inbox tends to fill too quickly sometimes. My goal for this list is to surpass the number of RIAA member labels, so any additions to the list I can get will be greatly welcome! Also, if anybody finds any labels listed here that are RIAA labels, PLEASE let me know so I can take them off the list IMMEDIATELY!!!

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